'You are the very heart of me, the pulse pounding pleasure of your presence is the very essence of my being.'


Based on the real life story of Beatrice Cenci, a medieval woman made famous for murdering her tyrannical father, the award-winning GrimVisions presents a story of suffering, torture and retribution.


Performed in their trademark style, Beatrice's Spell is a combination of daring physical theatre and performance poetry paired with a living and breathing projection design that shines a new light on the beautiful anguish of a legendary woman.

Beatrice's Spell

Beatrice - Emily Ward

Adaptation - Josh Overton

Source Text - Antonin Artaud

Videography - The Laboratory Films, Alex Birdsall

Sound Design - Cryochamber

Sound Mixing and Additional Design - Larkin Media, Ashley Cantwell

Voice artists - Esther Fletcher, Josh Overton and Ed Grimoldby

Producer Support - Munya Redman-Bayasi

Costume Design and Fabrication - Liz Dees

Projection Design & Creative Producer - GrimVisions

Projection Mentorship and Advice - Davy & Kristin McGuire

Rendering power - VIPER


Special thanks to Hull University - Cat Fergusson, Andrew Brady, Alex Brook Dave and the Student Cohort.