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Infra Red Camera Tracking Technology

GrimVisions specialises in the use of infrared motion tracking technology. The company uses a mixture of security cameras and video capture software to track performers moving across the stage in real time. Utilising this technology, it is possible to create mystical halos surrounding the performer or simulate the effect of fire and sparks emerging from their body.

Projection Mapping

GrimVisions is skilled in using projection mapping technology for small scale theatrical productions. This ranges from mapping upon the human body to mapping inanimate stage objects, bringing them to life with augmented projected light.

Digital Dance

GrimVisions is a pioneering practitioner in the field of 'Digital Dance', favouring live interactive technologies. 

GrimVisions offers workshops in digital theatre at university and secondary school levels. For more information, please contact me.

Workshops in Digital Theatre

International Award Winning Artist

GrimVisions was awarded the Hull Dance prize 2017 and has performed in multiple countries in Europe and Asia.

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